Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hello Again!

It has been so hard to keep up with my blog in the new school year. So I have come up with a plan to help me reflect better on my life goals and to keep track of my daily happenings so I can better improve on
The goals I have in my life are in line with all the tabs I started on my blog.

Tab Country Home: My goals for my home are partially finished, after all finding the right property with the least population and land needs. The property I found was a terrible fright with all the mess that needed cleaned up. I have done a lot of that and we are now in the building stage. I hope to finish the house in the next two years. Some of the goals for my country home overlap my critter and gardening goals as well.

Coupons: I like to be thrifty. Let’s face it teachers don’t make the kind of money that allows one not to be concerned about the price of things, and I am ok with that. Anyone can make smart choices in shopping if they really put some thought into it, so my goal is to be as thrifty as possible. These goals in my coupon tabs also overlap with reusing!

Critters: What homestead is complete without proper farm animals. My goals include a chicken house with a variety of breeds of chickens, ducks, peacocks, and turkeys. Goats for meat, grazing, and milk.  Pigs for the butcher and horse and buggy.

Fishing (and hunting): I am hoping to find close areas that I can fish well. We are wanting to bow hunt as well on our land. We also want to forage for local food sources, I may have to change the name of this tab to something else in the future.

Gardening: I have a ton of goals here lets start with structures. I want a green house and a drying house I want a small vineyard area large veggie garden including many varieties of veggies that can be stored over time. I want an herb garden as well. I want to irrigate my property and let’s not forget landscaping. Including a directional garden a calendar or solstice garden, water garden and the initial presentation of my property needs to be beautified!

Repurpose: Who likes trash everywhere, not me! We have no trash service I don’t want piles of trash around nor do I want to burn everything. I want to learn to reuse things property including composting.
Teacher Tab: I started this tab just for a book study I wanted to take part in over the summer but I think it would be a great idea to keep it going by using it to reflect on my projects and ideas I am working on not to mention the new education program I will be entering into to get my administrators certification added to my certificate.

Monday  __________

Teacher Tab Tuesday

Wednesday Welcome Home

Thrifty Thursday couponing and reusing

Friday Fun: fishing gardening critters

Saturday ________________

Sunday _________________

On Tuesdays I am going to put something in my teacher tab updates on projects and ideas I am working with from the décor, organizing, to class projects course work ect. Followed by Wednesday Welcome to to my country home where I will update my progress of creating a homestead for the family. Thrifty Thursday will be used to share in reusing/recycling and couponing for products in my life.   Friday Fun: Where I will update on my progress of my goals in critters, gardening and fishing (hunting foraging/wildcrafting)
I am thinking about adding a bowdabra or a craft tab for Sunday’s, we will see if I can keep up with this first!

I will start with this Tuesday, hey New Year’s!!! This must  be my resolution!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Always,

Misty Dawn

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh, The Cleverness of Me!

My Expo Marker container. This is how I made it:

I first found old Expo marker lids that were no longer needed.
I purchased fake flowers and a large fake leaf as well as a tin pot off the clearance isle at Big Lots!
I plugged in my hot glue gun and got busy! 

Then, cut through the middle of the fake leaf and detached it from the stem. I glued it around the front edge of my tin  pot making sure that it was high enough to see but short enough to not block the pretty flowers. I put an old lid on a fresh Expo bottom leaving the fresh Expo lid on the top and eyeballed it...  I glued it at the bottom and at the top so it would stay in place well. 

Then, I cut the flowers of the stem and glued them to my fresh Expo marker lids. 

Then I took my old lids and glued them point side up in my tin pot. 

When the glue dried I connected the fresh Expo's to the glued in lids flowers up! the Expo's just pull right off the old lids glued in the pot when it is time to use! 

Note about the front,: I used some left overs and found a place for them instead of throwing them away!

Easy Peasy!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome To My Classroom

Welcome sign magnet for my portable building classroom door.
Indoor bulletin board shared with another teacher my frogs are on the left.

Been  a while. I got the keys to my classroom and been working hard getting my new school/year off and running. It has been quite a journey finding all the things I want and need for my new room. I was really given a lot of freedom in how my classroom was to be put together and even what I do as far as instruction as  long as it is grounded in standards I am good.
What a dream, I think I have my dream job at my dream school! What could be better than that! I am hoping that you enjoy the pictures I am sharing of my classroom. Let me briefly describe the process in which I chose what I chose. Let me start with my carpet area. The best way to describe this area is to admit I am addicted to Velcro. I put a felt wall up and bought two rugs to try to fit my students on a teacher chair that I have used since I broke my knee in two places a few years ago. So far I have a place value depositor, coin and bill changers. ordinal number depositor, number line to144 in an ABCDEFGHIJ pattern, count by book based on pattern of the number line, calendar, 9 weeks Fry words,  story retelling, Whole brain teaching rules, and CAFÉ menu.
Teacher area. Coming from kindergarten really helped me understand the use of space being driven by the needs of children. I was so glad to see that my classroom did not have a teacher desk! I was able to put my two pink file cabinets that have one small supply type drawer each on it for pens ect underneath my horse shoe table. They lock too which makes it nice desk like feature. I also have several small metal shelves to put my supplies and the students reading group supplies on. I put the teacher computer directly behind the horse shoe. I have also have a fridge and microwave. Also have a small grey shelf to fit my copy machine on. Instead of having a desk top calendar I found a dry erase wall sticky one. I also put all my degrees, high school diploma, and two university honor society certificates up.

Daily 5 Centers:
Reading center is always the corner stone of my classroom. I believe the reading center should be the place where all the children want to go because it is so inviting and well loved.  It is where read to self and read to someone starts, where IPICK takes place. Where my students grow a love for reading and learning! I have always had the two kimmi Ikea chairs and they are the focal point when designing a new reading center in each of my classrooms. I found them at a thrift store, as well as the purple round chair. I also have a small coffee table for my center, often putting special books on it for children to look at. The shelves are all grey in my classroom so they do not overwhelm the children with color as I like colorful things, grey goes well with everything.  I found a rug at Big Lots that fit my area perfect and matched the color of my Kimmi chairs perfectly. I had two areas between the shelves so I fit a tree in each to go with my outside pondy critter theme.  I have printed and hung cute frog daily 5 reminders around the room.

Writing center is more of a supply center. There is not a lot of room in my classroom and with the importance of reading center to my philosophy of teaching so goes writing as an important counterpart. First I wanted to start off with a writing desk with a lamp that would hold supplies for my students to use during daily 5 times. They will have to take it back to their desks for working on but that should work fine.  I got the cute lamp at TJ Max on the clearance isle for $10! I have book making supplies, fancy scissors, pencils, sharpener, colored pencils, markers, special papers, pads, glue, construction paper, and an electric stapler.

Word work is a supply shelf a bulletin board and a pocket chart. The supply shelf will have the activities on top each week that I want them to do during work time. There are supplies hidden behind the froggy pink and white fabric curtains so I can easily sit them out.  The bulletin bard will have a boggle/word twist the kids can do, and the pocket chart is for our weekly spelling words.

Listening center has a radio and a few supplies in it. The school is really lacking in supplies and activities for listening center; thank goodness I have a chapter book on cd that we can start with.  I have a record player but at some point the needle got broken now I have to find a new needle to play music with L.
Word work and listening centers are the two grey shelves on the left wall.

I am lucky to have one white board and one chalk board. I have a projector and screen but right now it does not work at the moment.

Other areas of interest: My focus wall, and my made from scratch closet with word wall doors!
inside of my closet
word wall hides the interior of my closet

So that is my classroom, I hope you enjoyed looking!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chapter 6+ My New Room!

This weeks hostesses are:
Best Practices 4 Teaching
Fabulously First

Looking in from a door at the south east corer
looking from the north east corner
It was an amazing week for me! I finally got to see my room. I am in a portable building, That’s great for me I love not having the distraction of the hallway. I was right next to the office last year and I had visitors and interruptions all the time.  Previous to that I was in a portable and loved it.  Seeing my room was like going to Disney World I was so excited to see where I am going to spend my next school year with my students! I can see it is going to be challenging place. There is no water, sink, drink, and toilet. There is no continues awning from building to portables, there are tons of steps, steps up to the building steps down to playground.  The portable itself is smaller than the other two classrooms I have had, but I can deal with that. I am going to have to be really selective on what and who things are put away. Storage is going to be an issue as well. I was told starting 8/1 teachers can come and work in their rooms and I cannot waste any time. I have to get in there roll up my sleeves and get started. I have had the D5 centers on my mind so I am going to talk about all three…

Classroom Storage

One of the reasons I started off with my new classroom is how concerned I am about having a listening center.(I know last week’s chapter right) I am hoping I will get listening center items checked out to me as there was not one listening center activity or piece of equipment in the classroom.  I am not going to have tons of money to sink into my classroom as my former district was on a year round schedule and my last pay check and first pay check is two months apart.. However, if there is no listening center things to be had it is an opportunity for me to seek out new and innovative listening center items for the students.  One of the problems I had in kindergarten was that books were never long enough for me to get through the guided reading rotations we were doing and the kids would need something else to do. With older children they can listen to chapter books, hopefully we won’t have the same problem. I also reread Diller’s Spaces and Places this summer and she had a box of things she called the “instead” box. If technology is not functioning, if you are done early do something from the instead box! That would have solved my problems in kindergarten.  

This week’s chapters were work on writing and word work. I like that the writing center is suppose to foster a love for writing I think all too often we expect children to love out lessons and our lessons should foster a love for something… I think the human brain loves to be creative; stifling this need to create makes things less enjoyable. I know it works that way for me now. For example, at my last school we had very little freedom in anything even our bulletin boards were cookie cutter! I never looked forward to putting together bulletin boards, lesson plans, and other forced or coerced activities thrust upon me in a dictated way. I know children feel the same way.  

Word work is going to be more challenging. I really need to dig into the reading curriculum at the school to wrap my head around what we are going to be doing. I know I can come up with games and other word projects that are appropriate to what we are learning even if I have to spend some money (I don’t have) for my word work center. Some of my kindergarten things will likely still work like my spill and spell game I found at a thrift store. I have an up words game also found at a thrift store. I guess this will be a wait till 8/1 and see when I start arranging my room and start the fun task of unloading all my school stuff in my tiny room with no storage J think positive thoughts Gebhart, you got this!  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finished a project!

Wfeeeww, I am finally finished with a few new projects. I have been working on items for my new classroom. Working from organization up. I am starting a new grade, in a school with more freedom. Before where I taught kindergarten we were dictated pretty heavily. Everyone’s bulletin boards were exactly the same. Everyone had the same issued and tabbed data notebook, we were suppose to do the exact same thing as all of our grade mate teachers. My new school has some creative freedom I have longed for and will enjoy! I couldn’t wait to get started.

First I make my Pensieve for CAFÉ. I used some scrapbooking paper for it, but Ii must confess I am not a scrapbooker.  I also used prefab letters and a few computer prints here and there and regular 3 ring binder with the clear opening in the front. I have enjoyed making them I hope you enjoy the pictures. I have one thing to add.. I can’t get to my feathers because all my school stuff I had to bring home, the communiqué dossier will have a peacock feather top on it after I get to move into my new classroom!
For logging parent communiation I have two forms I use one telephone call sumary form and one face to face meeting form. I also keep a calendar to make sure I have contacted each parent at least once a month. I have other documens I do put in the file, like emails from parents an notes from home. I have a tab for each student.
Cafe Pensieve

Lesson Plan Master Copies
This will go with a file bag with daily copies.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Chapter 5

Thank you for letting me be a part of the blog hop, I am really loving it. I hope you are gaining something from my posts.  I know I am from yall! This week blog hopping lead bunnies are:


Previously I posted using a door bell to signal time's up! Well, I found one. Check this out, 8 different rings, seasonal and one traditional wireless, and battery opperated. all for $16 at Lowe's! Can't wait to use it!

Chapter 5
The difficult skills

I had so much trouble teaching this to my students in ELL kindergarten. I decided to group my children myself and to teach only I read you read. NOW that I am looking at a 3rd grade classroom I do not see any reason that my older students should be able to master all these skills. I know it will take time and practice of these skills over the first month, but I think mastering this skill will be super beneficial to my students. I can’t wait to get started! Although I think It will likely take more time over every skill day mastering all of these important tasks in 6 days it a lot to ask of an adult.. Anyway I really like teaching children these skills. I hope they use them at home with parents and siblings as well, oh~~in a perfect world!!

I have decided to go back and write my lesson plans for D5 to be more of a third grade lesson plan, for my new class. I started with this chapter because I think it is the most important chapter. I will go back and get the previous chapter in a few days.  I want to anchor the rest of my lessons based on how I get the ones from this chapter together. I am a by the book kind of girl, but here is where the sisters and I differ:

Choosing a partner:

 While writing the lesson plan for lesson day 5 how to choose a partner I am surprised as I read the sisters signaling description, (I guess I forgot over the last two years). I wished that more teachers would use real sign language to convey meaning without noise. After all if we are going to teach children to use signals shouldn’t we teach them ones with greater meaning and usefulness? I thought I would share a few essential signs for this particular lesson that are easy to use

Q:Now that I am in third grade, someone please share with me how they keep track of where each child is on a chapter book on CD? How do you handle the changing of CDs? It would be great assistance to me if you would share!
Happy Hopping

Monday, July 9, 2012

So I have started my pensieve...

So I have started pulling together my pensieve folder and I was wondering all you D5'ers out there stopping into look at my blog for the book club would be willing to share with me any of your wisdom and experiences in the contents. I will be starting to put the inside together as soon as I make a wise plan!

Friday, July 6, 2012

D5: Chapter 4

Thank you Daily 5 blog hoppers for including me in my very first blog hopping book study! The blog hoppers have inspired me in so many ways. I may not always comment on a blog but I try to visit every blog every week.

This week hostesses of the blog hop is:

First Grade Blue Skies

Launching D5
I have followed the sisters word for word in kindergarten and it worked! I recommend following the launching guide entirely! USE THE GUIDE IN THE BACK OF THE BOOK! Put that in your lesson plan binder for quick reference.  I can't put in words how effective it was with my inner city children. This is a very thoughtful process. Use it or loose it!

Three Ways To Read A Book
Oh how I will miss my kindergarten song for the this lesson. For my kinders I had made up a little tune sounding like Frère Jacques that was an echo song it went like this: There are three ways (echo), To read a book (echo), Read the pictures (echo) Retell the story (echo) and sound out the words (echo).  I liked echo songs in my kinder class because it helped my ELL's access the language in the song much easier. If I am to use this in my third grade class it will need some updating. First it doesn't really need to be an echo song for these English only kids, second sound out the words needs to be changed back to read the words.  My kinders would go home on the first day of school knowing that they were already readers because they could read the pictures, and retell the story! I never had students who said "I can't read." That was amazing! I hope third graders will like my D5 songs!

Book Trader Time
One of my activities I added to my D5 kindergarten day was book trader day, also library day.  Once a week I would have students join me at carpet with their book boxes. in a cup I had Popsicle sticks with areas of the room on some of the sticks (one might say semi circle) or if it was not a location it was a shoe! Each student would draw a stick. If they got a shoe they were considered traveling traders, if they got a location they were to set up shop in that location. I had students set up shop by spreading out the books they were finished with and were wanting to trade for a different book. Traveling traders would travel from shop to shop and swap books. Book trading time was a favorite time for many of my students. It gave us an opportunity to access our book boxes every week for an upgrade of selections and gave an opportunity to separate their school library selection from classroom library selections. I would never make a student trade. This was a great way to help my kinders with social issues too. Often I would have kids say "do this or I wont be your friend!" After book trading was in effect often the children would transfer the experience into their everyday dealings with other children. It was no longer "if you don't play on the big toy with me I won't be your friend" to a new way "I will play on the big toy with you if you play on the monkey bars with me." This is part of my D5 classroom that is rally invaluable! This also needs to be launched and I charted too!

I Charts
As a teacher I am almost embarrassed to admit the following statement, I have terrible handwriting. When I was in kindergarten my teacher and my 4th grade teacher mom made a terrible decision. They decided the world was made for right handed children and quit letting me be a lefty! I have to word process my I Charts to make them more accessible to my students. We do write them but, I want things to look neater to my students. Last year I had a smart board and it would turn my writing into type. This year I will not have that to help me.

Stamina At Home
I encourage my parents to add time to the kids at home reading time. I recommend 67 minutes a day minimum of reading. However, I also tell parents that is the goal,  not the immediate reality. Time reading at home needs to be built up just like we do at school. We start out small and work our way up a minute at a time. Why 67? I read a research article in my masters program that said that we have statistical evidence that suggest those students who score highest on "the test" read a minimum of 67 minutes a day. Also, what I as a parent require from my own children, who both are exemplar students.

Happy Hopping!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Homeland Trip July 1, 2012

We went as a group and checked out 3 times here is what we got:

2 Nestle drum stick boxes
3 Pillsbury cake mix
3 Mt Olive relishes
1 Bar-S hot links (30)
2 Bar-S ham lunch meats
3 Johnsonville brats packages of 5
3 Hot Shot Ant Killers
6 boxes of Wheat Thins
6 boxes of fruit loops
1 Hormel Pork Loin
3 Pompeian Olive Oil bottles
3 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce
3. KC Masterpiece marinades
6 Sumuckers ice cream toppings jars
3 Ekridge smoked sausages
3 bags of Imperial sugar
6 Best Choice shredded cheese (or sprinkle cheese as my kids call it)
3 bottles of A-1
1 Tyson country fried steak bags
3 jars of Tabasco sauce
1 Heinz Vinager
2-gallons of milk
3 Garnier hair conditioner bottles
3 Pepsi Next 12 packs
6- 2 liters of Dr. Pepper
6 cans of Vandi-camps pork and beans
4 loafs of bread

Check out 1: $29.77 saved: $52.61 %66 Total:$105.22 Check out 2: $42.32 saved: $61.00 %61 Total:103.32 Check out 3: $39.03 saved: $69.52 %66 Total:108.55

Total paid $111.12 saved:$183.13 %64
Total before coupons $294.35

Total # of items= 88 average price per item= $1.26 with tax included Thanks Coupon Closet for the great shopping list and Homeland for the great deals!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chapter 3

  1. What "rings true for you" in this chapter?
I was reading this book while waiting on my dad at the doctors office. I was nearly in tears, the happy kind. I so did not want to give up my "carpet" gathering place in my classroom for a more grown up looking room and the sisters have told me NOT to! All classrooms need to have a gathering place  "regadless of the age of the children we teach." So  awesome.  I truly feel this part of my day of teaching is one of my biggest sucesses and a part of who I am to my core. I am so glad bought the hard copy of the book. There are more stuff in it enjoying the figures, and pictures the kindle version just doesn't compair. Thank you book study partner who suggested this was so, you inspred me to get the book, I have done so and it has been very benificial!
    3. What (if anything) could help improve the processes from this chapter in your classroom?
chimes: I need to work on me, sound the chimes for time to rotate or meet at carpet, don't give the verbal order too.  I used wind cimes in the past. I know someone who used a wireless door bell and she carried the buzzer with her and it was such a nice chime. I remember looking at them at walmart and not getting it. I may do this for my new 3rd grade class. Mainly because the Piedmont microburst blew away all my windchimes and having my classroom chimes in my trees at home has been so plesant. Plus there is a wireless door bell for $15 at! I like what the student said on page "stop, look, and listen." I use sign language a lot those words flow nicly in sign! I will have to use!!

book boxes: I  also need to make a list of what I want the kids to have in their book box (other than books). In the past they would have a letter sound key. With the older children I will have may have them make a file, I could see maybe the cafe menu in the box, as well as other tools.  In the past I have ordered boxes from the post office and they are plenty big for several books and resources in this size 11 7/8″ x 3 3/8″ x 13 5/8″. I am sure that simular boxes are available at Fedex and UPS.

Practice, practice, and more practice!! I have done this with my kinders and it does work. Also my kinders seemed to know who was causing out practice time to end this added a bit of pressure to build stamina!

I am so glad I am reareading the book and reading other people's takes on the Daily 5, it has been something I really loved in kindergarten and I think it's even going to be better in 3rd grade!

20 days to an independantly working classroom, who wouldn't love that!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Teacher Workshop: AG In The Classroom

Thursday I attended an all day teacher workshop. It was mostly held outside and it was hot! When I got in my car it said it was 106! I had some heat trouble and landed in the ER after the workshop. I got dehydrated, its been slowing me down and I don't like it. Even though I had massive trouble after, I am glad I spent the day with AG in the classroom. I learned a lot, planning on writing a grant, and have a few things I can do in with my third graders next year via a book of lesson plans. I am hoping that my July workshop ends without a trip to the ER!

Here is a recap of my day..

First we started off with a few talkers including the runner up to Miss America and 2011 Miss Oklahoma, who grew up living on a dairy farm and shared many positive aspects about children and milk. Click here to get more information to share with students or just for yourself about the benefits of milk and excercise! She also spoke to the importance of FFA and 4H programs in schools and said that her success as a beauty pageant winner stemmed from her experiences with public speaking contests sponsored by these programs. My own children are involved in these programs at school. They are great organizations!

Garden  FUN
Next we headed off to the experimental gardening. I found a grant opportunity for my home. All I need is an acre to plant, I may give it a try! I found the processes they were speaking of interesting. Look at the pictures, you can see that the plants are being grown in rows of big black bags. They put a hole in the bag and place the plant in it. They install an irrigations system and have a fertilizer delivery system as well. They are having a fall garden as well. The grant will install one of these gardens on one acre of your own property. It would be great to be included in research on this project hand start a garden that is of the caliber of the property I moved from.  

Next we headed off to a goat dairy. We just took a look of the facilities we did not see any goats getting milked. We did get some sample bars of goat milk soap.  I got an unscented and scented bar both decorative. Check out another farm that makes goat milk soap here! Pictured is a friend of mine viewing the goat milking room. I was hoping to learn more about the goats because we have some goats ourselves but it was just a quick overview of their program.

The Mission...
A building associated with the US Indian control project from Indian Territory to educate the indians in white ways of life now is part of  Redlands College. My favorite quote of the history of the place is Give me a white boy and I will teach him to be indian! Let's do share the what's best in our cultures and make a better place for all of us! The truth is this facility has been many things since old IT times including an orphanage, drug rehab, and a quail hatchery. The old mission building is being restored so I did not go in it. This was my view from where I sat at lunch. You can see to the left of the building... The vineyard!

Yes, in an elementary workshop....

I was shocked this was part of the tour. When I thought we were going to look at the plants in the vineyard we were actually learning about the associates degree program for becoming a certified winery/vineyard in Oklahoma. It was interesting to hear about the program and see the facilities an visit a wine tasting room (no tasting). I would have loved to have spent some time with the plants! So in Oklahoma it takes land and about $5,000 to start up a vineyard and people from all over the state are putting this together for their "what now" retirement package! I will probably not have a vineyard but I do have an area of my land I want vining fruit to grow!

Masters of living history

Don't call them reinactors, they don't like it. These are professors who do living history skits. Today was Annie Oakley! It was wonderful trick shooting and all. They may look familiar they have been on the history channel and have made many of the authentic looking costumes for hollywood. They gave an account of Annie Oakley's life according to research hey have conducted, no propaganda! This husband and wife team travel the nation doing skits they pretend to be other historical figures too I wish I could remember all the names they rattled off.

Herding Dog

The herding dog surprised me, she was such a gentle dog with the sheep. What was really neat is we got a book and a signed card from the author of Brave Dogs, Gentle Dogs: How they Guard Sheep by Cat Urbigkit. I am sure going to enjoy sharing that book along with my personally acquired signed addition of Grady Is In The Silo.  At this point in the workshop it was so hot and we had been outside for a long time, even for lunch I think this was my nearing my max point heat wise!

Cow Tipping....Point!

Just getting a small demonstration about cows from showing them to their physical structure. BINGO, looking back this is the point in the tour I think heat was starting to win the battle, I had reached my tipping point. I hardly remember this presentation all I could think about was getting back on the bus and getting some cool air.


Or.. at least we were suppose to see it. It was just too hot. We did look at the large garden at the Leonard Farm. This is an certified organic farm that sales now mostly to local restaurants. I enjoyed seeing another garden and taking in some new ideas! We could see the outside of the greenhouse, I really wanted to hear more about it but at 106 you can imagine why we didn't go in.

At this point the day was over unless you wanted to go to the farmer's market or do a wine tasting but I was done! I could take no more. This is when I got in my car and tried to start cooling off, but it was too late. I stopped at a gas station and got a Gatorade but I had started to get massive muscle cramps, I got back in the car and got down to road a little further and I was throwing up. I texted Marty told him I was in trouble to tell my mother I needed help and I got it she came and got me to the hospital by the time she reached me I was really out if it though. I probably should have called 911 from the Taco Bell I waited at. Thank you Mom, Aunt Linda, Taco Bell El Reno and El Reno hospital for helping me!