Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hello Again!

It has been so hard to keep up with my blog in the new school year. So I have come up with a plan to help me reflect better on my life goals and to keep track of my daily happenings so I can better improve on
The goals I have in my life are in line with all the tabs I started on my blog.

Tab Country Home: My goals for my home are partially finished, after all finding the right property with the least population and land needs. The property I found was a terrible fright with all the mess that needed cleaned up. I have done a lot of that and we are now in the building stage. I hope to finish the house in the next two years. Some of the goals for my country home overlap my critter and gardening goals as well.

Coupons: I like to be thrifty. Let’s face it teachers don’t make the kind of money that allows one not to be concerned about the price of things, and I am ok with that. Anyone can make smart choices in shopping if they really put some thought into it, so my goal is to be as thrifty as possible. These goals in my coupon tabs also overlap with reusing!

Critters: What homestead is complete without proper farm animals. My goals include a chicken house with a variety of breeds of chickens, ducks, peacocks, and turkeys. Goats for meat, grazing, and milk.  Pigs for the butcher and horse and buggy.

Fishing (and hunting): I am hoping to find close areas that I can fish well. We are wanting to bow hunt as well on our land. We also want to forage for local food sources, I may have to change the name of this tab to something else in the future.

Gardening: I have a ton of goals here lets start with structures. I want a green house and a drying house I want a small vineyard area large veggie garden including many varieties of veggies that can be stored over time. I want an herb garden as well. I want to irrigate my property and let’s not forget landscaping. Including a directional garden a calendar or solstice garden, water garden and the initial presentation of my property needs to be beautified!

Repurpose: Who likes trash everywhere, not me! We have no trash service I don’t want piles of trash around nor do I want to burn everything. I want to learn to reuse things property including composting.
Teacher Tab: I started this tab just for a book study I wanted to take part in over the summer but I think it would be a great idea to keep it going by using it to reflect on my projects and ideas I am working on not to mention the new education program I will be entering into to get my administrators certification added to my certificate.

Monday  __________

Teacher Tab Tuesday

Wednesday Welcome Home

Thrifty Thursday couponing and reusing

Friday Fun: fishing gardening critters

Saturday ________________

Sunday _________________

On Tuesdays I am going to put something in my teacher tab updates on projects and ideas I am working with from the d├ęcor, organizing, to class projects course work ect. Followed by Wednesday Welcome to to my country home where I will update my progress of creating a homestead for the family. Thrifty Thursday will be used to share in reusing/recycling and couponing for products in my life.   Friday Fun: Where I will update on my progress of my goals in critters, gardening and fishing (hunting foraging/wildcrafting)
I am thinking about adding a bowdabra or a craft tab for Sunday’s, we will see if I can keep up with this first!

I will start with this Tuesday, hey New Year’s!!! This must  be my resolution!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Always,

Misty Dawn