Sunday, April 15, 2012

~Garden April 2012 Update on Projects~

the gate into my cucumber raised garden bed.
Cucumber raised bed

These are my upside down cherry tomatoes planted with my cucumber bed. I had pink tomatoes in these two years ago and I am hoping that these do much better than the pink tomatoes. We did not mail order these plants that was a better start anyway.
This is my cucumber bed. it has fence all the way around because I have to protect from critters.
a project I will be starting soon. I plan on planting morning glories or moon flowers in it and parking it next to one of my trees in front. I have already gave it a paint job, I know that takes away from the beauty of the rust but its going to get water on it often and have vines crawling everywhere anyway.
My starter plants and my milk crate onions that are planted in their for good! The rest will be transplanted into the bucket garden or into a raised bed somewhere.
My bucket garden start up. I have some starters pictured above with the onions I plan on having about 26 buckets in my bucket garden. I have found that it is easier for the buckets to be in the truck bed. When we need the truck bed we just take them out. We just move the garden around the property in the back of the bed super easy to protect plants from high winds, ect. I really like my bucket garden this is the first year we have had one!
My well house!. I got all of Grandma's front flowerbed plants transferred to my well house. I will need to find a location to prepair for the bearded irises next. Some of the plants have started blooming already I hope it will really start filling out the bed in the next few months.
This is my crooked neck squash bed. So far so good. The wood around it is scrap and the outside is cedars we have been clearing out from the property. amount the front access of the bed we have put up a removable fence so we can keep critters out. We love squash and have always had trouble with squash bugs now that we have moved maybe we wont see a squash bug again.

Walmart Trip April 2012 Savings of $42.64

I usually do not go to Walmart coupon shopping but lately they have had good coupon lists. I went to walmart late Friday night and found the Shick Hydo lady razors I have been looking for. I had $4.00 off coupons and they have them marked $5.97. The package comes with a small can of skintimate shave gel and $4.55 in additional coupons. I also got Jello for $0.25 a box. Fantastik fr $0.97 cents a bottle, Stayfree for $1.00 a package. Honey Butter country crock $0.12. Wisk $2.99, nextcare band aids $0.97, face masks $1.50 a box, all using coupons! total with the chicken I did not have a coupon for my bill would have been $98.74 after coupons it was $56.10.