Monday, February 20, 2012

Tornado/root cellar

Tornado season is about here. My tax return was supposed to be underground shelter money. NO WAY, my return sucked and so did my tires!  So I decided to look around and see what I could do to make my own! I did an internet search for root cellars. I found some interesting looking root cellars. So I got to thinking, why not put a root cellar n the old gully and use it as a storm shelter too.  So I am in the process of planning such a project. 

First I plan on making my own sand bags. I am going to buy contractor bags and duct tape, then  I will go down to the river and fill them up.

Using scrap and other needed materials I am going to build the frame and use the sandbags to keep water out of the structure.

Then I plan on covering the structure with dirt and planting shade grass on top to hide it and make it part of the land. 

I do not have a pulmonary picture/drawing as of yet, just making initial discoveries and plans

is there anyone out there that has done this before has tips or critique?
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