Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First competition for the goat Sheila

This weekend we had our first FFA competition with Tatum’s goat Sheila! This being our first one it was a learning experience. Sheila was not fat enough! The goat’s  not skinny but she should be really pudgy looking. The good news from the show was she handled very well. Much better than many of the other goats that were there in the ring. Sheila needs to learn to keep her stance longer but Tatum has already been working on that with her. Sheila has also become a diva, our new goats have been getting attention too and she does not like it. Hoss was getting walked in the pen and she was jumping all over Hoss and over Tatum. But she got her walk too and quickly recovered from not being the center of attention around here. I so miss the other show goat we had Georgina. It is so unfortunate we lost her to a sudden illness.  We will be feeding Sheila a higher protein diet and corn as well I hope to see her fattened up by the county show! Tatum will not be selling Sheila at the end of the school year. She will be keeping her and may even breed her with the help of her FFA teacher.

Sheila is the goat behind the judge

Sheila and Tatum walking the ring, Tatum is in the blue jacket.

Sheila is the one getting worked over by the judge at the far end of the ring.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My New Coupon Box

I changed from a coupon binder to a box!

So I changed, and it is good! The binder was great for a while. I sorted coupons by the likely isle in the grocery store that the item would be on and then tried to keep them in alphabetical order. I had to fold them and divide them between front and back window. It was so time consuming.

Then came a couponing friend and her box she started. I loved it. I actually went to Wal-Mart and bought the exact box she had. Not pictured is a snap latch lid with a handle at the top. From the pictures you can really see how easy it is. Clipping and organizing coupons has never been so easy. I do not have to think what section would this item be in, I no longer have to fold most coupons and carefully make sure the right information is in the front or back windows.  No more trying to keep a section in my binder alphabetical try moving 50 coupons just to fit one in, I rarely alphabetized and it made it difficult when shopping.
What I did. First I decided to keep it cute! I purchased some letter and flower stickers from Dollar Tree and personalized my one plain box.  I bought several things. Envelopes three boxes $0.97 a package. I bought two packages of peel and stick tabs for $1.98 a box, also purchased index cards multicolor pack 3.5's although I would get the larger if I had to do it all over again. I put the tabs on my colored index cards. My label tabs are A-Z a number section one tab in numerical order for companies such as 3M, and 4-way. I also added a restaurant tab and I keep restaurants in alphabetical order within that one tab.
For each brand name I make an envelope to keep them in. I fold the flap backwards and write the name on the flap I put it behind the correct letter and put it in alphabetical order within the envelopes behind the same tab.  
I keep a little envelope box in the back of the coupons to hold extra envelopes my marker, scissors and index cards and tabs.  There is also room beside the envelopes I use when shopping to hold the envelopes I am going to use or shopping lists. 
Shopping has been so easy! I can get to coupons quickly. If there is something in the store I want well, I look it up quickly and see if I can make a great deal.
At Wal-mart I went down the clearance isle and there were several medications marked down I decided to try to make some matches. I matched Alka Seltzer cold and flu making them $1 a box, and Musinex also $1 a box. Great items to keep in stock in the winter. The box has worked so well, I know I will never go back!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Future Critter additions

Chickens: we have three but we would like a nice chicken house with at least one rooster to stay in the chicken tractor. I do not like to eat fertilized eggs for meals so I would like to keep the rooster separate.

Turkey”s” We would like a few each year to be slaughtered for our holiday meals!

Rabbits: Not he fun lopsided eared kind, we want meat rabbits as breeders and have enough meat to feed the tribe!

Pigs: William wants to show pigs as part of ag next school year so we will be adding them to the reservation sooner rather than later!

More goats: Tatum will be breeding for a school project, we are going to have little Sheila’s!

Coupon week this week was awesome!

I have made several trips to homeland for a total of 6 check outs all were right on 60%!

  • Prego spaghetti sauce $1.25 a jar
  • Banquet family meals $0.99
  • Totino’s  pizza’s $1.00
  • Totino’s pizza rolls $0.12
  • Jimmy Dean sausage rolles $1.25
  • green giant frozen vegetables $0.70
  • Johnsonville sausage links $0.99
  • Suave shampoo $0.69
  • General Mills ceareal bars $0.69
  • Musclemen’s apple sauce free

Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Weekend Coupon Success 1/7/12

Walmart savings over $10.00!

Colgate toothpaste $.19 each

Colgate Toothbrushes $.19 each

Banquet family size platters: $1.30each

Pillsbury grand’s $1.00 each

King Hawaiian rolls $1.00 each

El Monterey Chimmichungas $!.50 each


Suave ladies antiperspirant $.25 each

Homeland (savings 51%, over $8.00)

Tyson Anytizers $4.99 each

Yoplait Yogurt $.30 a cup

Jello temptations $1.20 each

Although you see my post say each I am not much of a stockpiler. If I see toothpaste or other items really cheap or free I will get them whether I need them or not. However, that may mean I have 4 unopened boxes of toothpaste. The most stockpile I have ever had was 24 boxes of various pasta I was getting for free. I only buy two papers and I use to print internet coupons but since the move I have not had a working printer so I have not printed internet coupons for months.  I do not create my own shopping list either, I use a local website called to match coupons to sells.
I have recently updated my coupon filing system. My friend, coworker, and fellow couponer showed me a new way that seemed so much easier!!!  I am not yet completely switched over as today I did not have any of my specialty discount and frequent shopper cards with me.  I will share my new filing method later with pictures.

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