Monday, June 13, 2011

From the Canadian Valley to the Cimarron Valley

Ever wanted to live outside of city limits have little or NO neighbors? Well I had my chance and I took it! I found a steal of a property near Stillwater. Yes the property needed lots of work, hard work, but so far it has been worth it! I found this property by accident, I had been looking in Western Oklahoma for acreage and found one that was a bit pricy but it was in the area I was wanting. But someone bought it as I was a week or two from putting in an offer. I was so sad I went to look at another property this time in Logan County and it was way too pricy for any of the tracks they were selling but the same people had one property that was a stand-alone not split up like the pricy ones. I looked at it WOW was it a mess. A well house that was falling down a barn that had fell down trash everywhere and even worse a half burned down mobile home. All the cross fencing was in disrepair but the well was good even though there was no pump and tank and there is a septic system, also to my surprise a small pond that was  running dry that closer resembled a puddle. I called the sellers and worked out a deal, I got the property cheap in February.  Here are a few pictures of the mess we bought. We spent spring break cleaning up and we paid someone to take the burn out.
 Here is a warning sign we made in true redneck fashion warning people to keep out!

 This is a good example of trash we found here and there around the place, as of now all cleaned up!

 This picture does not do it justice there is stuff all over the outside of the mobile like tv's...

 Here is a pictue of a trash pile near the old well house, you can see the well house in the background it is the grey shack of a building standing...

Here is an overall view of the propety from google maps taken before clean up!
We were cutting down about 7 ceader trees a weekend till it got warm enough for critters to be out. Ceader trees are prarie bombs, if there is a fire ceader trees explode and the drink tons of water, so they have to go!  We have stopped ceader detail and started the well house.  It has taken a lot of work to build. The ground is so uneven where the well house needs to be so we had to do dirt work and rebuild a nice structure built to last.  It is built like a pole barn the siding is made of cement board, cement floor (from blocks), and hopefully there is going to be a cupola on the roof as well. I can’t wait to paint and trim it. Some future projects include french drains and other proper drainage controls.  I also can’t wait to actually put a home out there and move there one day….. someday………..
The roof has been framed on the well house as soon as it is done I will share more pictures!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What? No Garden?

That’s right! This year is a no garden year for me. I am so sad not to be digging in the dirt! I am in-between my two properties this year so until I get moved into my acreage I will not be gardening. I am still getting some residuals off of last years garden including strawberries and Brussels. I thought I would walk down memory lane gardens of the past…….

One of my favorite pictures of my broken leg garden, it's early so not so overgrown with veggies you can see the paths of the garden well. This is the west 1/3 of the garden
The broken leg garden was my best year in this garden. We had so much fresh produce and I had to do little of the work, mostly just fingerpointing and telling others what to do!
All in a day's harvest. Again the broken leg garden a day's harvest. In the bucket is cowpeas, the yellow pumpkin shape are spagetti squash, a favorite of the household. The round bottoms are butternut squash a yummie desert, you can see okra and tomato's too.
The west side of the house has a small herb harden. This garden even has cat nip growning in it! Love those fresh herbs!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coupons!!!! CVS 6/8/11

What a week! Tonight I went to CVS and did really well. Here is what I got:
2 Crest Mouthwash ($4.50-2.00 coupon-2.50ECB earned credits)=free
2 gallons of milk($3.19-1.00ECB earned credits)=2.19
Total with tax was out of pocket ended up being 12.57
Total ECB credits earned $7.00
Overall transaction costs: $5.57
I did a second transaction to purchase diapers
Huggies Naturals for newborns (32) on sale for ($8.99-2.50 coupon-5.00 ECB used credits)=$1.49
Total with tax out of pocket was: $2.19
Total EBC credits earned: $2.00
Overall transaction cost $0.19
ECB Credits Left over for future purchases $4.00
Making  an overall costs of the trip ($5.57+$0.19)=$5.76