Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dress up like a Princess...a Shab to Fab Story... The sequel!

Our princess was born 3 days after Christmas so it's perfect for the combo gift. We started with the dresser.. We will end with a jewelry vanity!!! We lucked out the same place we got the dresser for free we were able to get the vanity and stool too! Here are the before pics my mother sent me of the find! 

Right away we new several things needed fixed first and foremost the height. The stool was way too tall for a three year old so we cut it down removing the bottom runs.
The vanity was also too tall but we didn't want to take all the height so we removed all of decreative rings at the bottom of the legs. 

Second  thing that was a must fix the two rear legs were broken and needing to be fixed. We used liquid nails wood glue and one leg was so bad we used two wood screws. This process took two days! We also wanted a new drawer pull so we had to fill in the holes from the original drawer pull because our dresser matching drawer pull only needs one hole!

Third was the awful green and stained felt. We used a tiny travel size spray bottle filled with black Rit dye and sprayed the green out of existence! 
Yes this is the same drawer!

Now to make the rest look amazing. We wanted the two pieces to match the dresser so using the same paint was a must! Disney lipstick and mouse ears in Glidden satin!  To tie in the zebra stripe we decided we should pad and cover the stool. Painting took several days because we had a lot more detail work on this project. Here is a we took before the the pirch was complete. We ran out of some of the fabric and town is so far away it will take a few more days to he finished. The paint job was harder than the dresser the pinstripe was murder! 

Finally the project was finished and we delivered it to the princess and all is good she is so happy! 

Right befor wrapping at the birthday party...

All wrapped up....

The grand opening.....

She just got it home and was loving it! I hope she will enjoy it for many years to come! 

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