Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dress up like a Princess...a Shab to Fab Story!

For a three year old gbaby!

Here is where we started! It's a cabinet with drawers left in my uncles rent house. It was left because the two bottom drawers were busted, their were missing knobs, shelfs, a cabinet door that split down the middle and was poorly repaired and it was wobbly . 

Then we cut the bottom off permanently. The bottom drawers made the cabinet too tall and were needing to be fixed or removed. Luckly the back board on the cabnet behind the drawers we cut off was the perfect size to become the back for the cabnet part we are keeping! Next, the cabinet doors and the inside drawer were temporarily removed for sanding  and painting. 

Tme to paint day 1! We started with the pink trim.... We used a Disney paint color in Glidden satin finish Lipstick ( hot pink) and Mouse Ears (black). It took 4 coats to cover up the nots in the wood with the pink paint! We had to wait 24 hours before we could use yellow frog tape to paint the black part of the cabnet. 

And we covered the back with Contact brand Contact Paper in Zebra print that is black and white. 

After 24 hours we started taping and painting black. In another 24 hours we started contact papering the inside which was much harder than I thought it would be! 

We also contact papered the drawer inside and on each side panel. 

I got home from work and it was done!! The clothing bar was put in the back put on and the cabnet doors on. Done, now to fill it up with all the dress up goodies we have been collecting! 
With clothing....
I needed a way to orginize the crowns so i covered a paper towel roll with matching fabric and found a candle stand big enough to hold it.. then used my magic hot glue gun and..,,, perfection!!!

The big day, the true test time to give it to the princess! 

And she was So happy!!!!

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