Saturday, July 19, 2014

Classroom Listening Center Table

I love listening center! When I taught kindergarten before I had wonderful selections of books and interactive activities. But I struggled with keeping the materials and equiptment in an manageable system that small group to small group didn't need me to get them going. This year I have a plan. I have always seen and loved the listening center table at Lakeshore, but it's out of my purchasing power personally and professionally. So I made my my own. 

Here is a picture of the lakeshore table I love so much!
Here are some photos of the table I had made. It is not an exact replica and the top of my table is marker board, I like that better. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New teaching assignment, classroom, theme, and decor!

Back to kinder!

I am so excited I miss kindergarten. Here are some pictures of my new classroom as I received it in June. 

I love the classroom theme of superheroes but also wanted colors that were versatile so I went with lime green grey and black felt. I also got new carpet thanks to my mother and aunt Linda . Check it out:

Black chalkboard paint and lime green wall!

Polka curtains grey with lime green dots

Grey paint and black felt for my calendar time and other daily reviews 

Long windows are white curtains with black dots. 

Unique feature in the classroom was highlighted in lime green accent. 

Here is a pick of the same wall from across the room. 

Here are some pic stitches to help you compare:

Now to get the rest together!!!

Funeral Bow

New bow for a funeral

My grandfather died last week at the age of 93. The family could not find a bow with Great Grandpa on it so they asked me to make it. I was sad. I had made bows for his presents over the years, but I had not made such a personalized one for him, a man, or for a funeral. Here are some pictures. It was a great way to honor my grandfather. It now is a graveside bow. 

At the house before we found a plant at the florist...
At the funeral home before the funeral, was placed under the grandpa spray. 
At the church where we held Papa's funeral.