Monday, January 6, 2014

Ready for some shocking Country home photos?

I cant believe it was almost three years ago that I purchased this acreage with all the trash and the burn out mobile on it, and then later bought an old mobile home in cash to put on it. I got moved in and busy! Here are some before, and so far pictures. So far instead of after since we don't have the new roof on the house yet. When we do the before and after pictures should be quite remarkable. Even the satellite photos look so good with all that mess cleaned up!

Before: the old well house, barely standing shack in the background

Before: burn out mobile home

Today so far pictures:

And the best thing is I use cash for this so I don't owe anyone a dime so far. I hope to have the roof on this summer sometime.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hair Bows! Bowdabra!

Last year during my daughters cheer season I stumbled onto Bowdabra! I fell in love instantly, and continue to create bows for packages and hair. I can't wait to get the construction finished on my house so I can have a craft room partially dedicated to bow making!

I have even had a bow party for the cheer girls last year with our three Bowdabra's and 8 high school girls, it was so much fun and the girls left with about 10 hair bows each for cheer season!

Here are some pictures you might enjoy!

My Workstation! Three Bowdabra's one mini, one mini with ruler 1 giant Bowdabra!

Cheer pony for basketball season

OSU colors for the OSU student

For me durring Dr Suess Read Across America Week!

Read Across America Pony!

Cheer Bow we added State to one side and Coyle to the other for state final basketball game Coyle came in 2nd!

Piggy tail bows Dallas Cowboys

Football season cheer bow

The Grinch, for Read Across America Week

Dallas Cowboys

I add hair bows to Christmas Gifts 

For me Read Across America Week

Sam I am, Read Across America Week!

Hair Bow added to Christmas Package

Christmas Hair bow

Hello Kitty

Hair bow on Christmas Package

not my favorite bow

hair bow on Christmas Package again

Largest bow made so far

My favorite 2013 Christmas package hair bow Rock Star!

I love this one too, nice hair bow!

Fuzzy Hair Bow
Christmas 2012 Hair bows for Kasidy, I can't find the on package pictures to share enjoy the bow-head picture instead.

Valentine's bow Snoopy for Kasidy
Are you on bow overload yet? I wish I could find the package pictures from last year. I had all of Tatum's packages wrapped in OSU wrapping paper and matching OSU color hair bows to match, and all of Kasidy's package bows as well.
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