Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring has cleared my pocket book with these new projects!

It's that time of year, I am on a mission of beautification and function! One of the first projects of course has been to create a raised vegetable garden. This required picking out a location. I chose a cut out area of land that had a few cedar trees in it. The clearing of cedar commenced and we started building raised beds. The beds are constructed out of the cedar trees that have been cleared from the property.  We have purchased the dirt to go into the largest bed. Dirt is expensive! there is another large bed that needs only the front side put up and the purchase of dirt! I realized that the infrastructure of my property is going to take a really long time, and lots of money. to create. However, it is worth it! When we have it closer to completion I will put up some pictures!

I also started a project I deem essential as it is the focal point of the entrance of my property. I have wanted climbing roses forever. I bought two Golden Shower rose bushes, and two trellises for climbing. Three 2x4x8's painted white.  Installed them to the back of the pump house. From a previous project I had about 100 retaining wall bricks in a red/grey color. However, I had to purchase an additional 85 blocks! These required some digging and some leveling but once the first layer was complete it was just a matter of stacking! Plus  the addition of peat, compost, garden soil, and top soil and it has been a huge amount of money. Not to mention I always lay down black landscaping fabric for weed block.  In the next day or two I will be putting the dirt into the bed and preparing to plant the roses, and by the end of spring break my rescue flowers.

There are two side areas that are going to have hydrangeas planted in them. My Aunt does not want to have Grandma's flowers anymore and I just do not want to see them die. To the rescue!!! I have a home for all of them. Now I also have to find a place for the bearded irises that will also face death if I do not save them! Grandma had bearded Irises at every house we ever lived at, I will save them, I will!

From here on out soil will be my only cost this year, I will not buy any more garden borders, I sure wish we had better soil quality around here!

The picture is of the pump house's new flower beds before dirt and plants, you can see the old and new bricks at the lowest ground point the bricks are 6 layers deep, at the highest two layers! (This deep area worked out perfect for the roses!)